Monday, 14 July 2008

First success...

Friday brought the expedition's first success: an 800m route to an unclimbed summit. The following day we recc-ed the far west of the Edward Bailey Glacier before returning to base camp covering 50km in a 17 hour day.

On Sunday we celebrated Nat's Birthday at base camp in some style with whiskey and glacial ice, chapatis and a whole dundee cake.

We are now bivvying at the far east of the Bailey Glacier and will set off at midnight to recce a new glacier.


Unknown said...

Congratulations guys, hope the weather stays nice and you get lots more good climbs down. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Clare said...

Well done, boys!

Emily and Catherine, I'd be ever-lastingly grateful if you would pass on a message to Rob: tell him that there was some mention of a three beautiful things post, and would he oblige, please!

And do let them know that most of Rob's adoring female relations are reading and appreciate the bulletins.