Monday, 26 May 2008


In March we were contacted by Dr. Geoffrey Halliday who has been working on the Flora (flowering plants and ferns) of the central fjord region of Greenland since 1961. Although he has pretty good coverage of Scoresby Sound he lacks any information on Renland apart from a few coastal sites. Dr. Halliday has asked if we can make complete list of plant species occurring in the area in which we will be exploring and climbing, in particular he wants us to note species occurring above 1500m and recording the highest altitude at which species are found. We have a ‘Flowers of Greenland’ guide and will attempt to identify as many specimens in the field as possible - we have a bit of swotting up to do before we leave for Greenland! We have been sent an Arctic plant press for drying and transporting flowering and fruiting specimens back to the UK for further identification. It is great to be adding a research element to our climbing expedition and contributing to such a long-term study.

When not learning our plants we are in the process of planning a fundraising Race Night in Oxford for early this space

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