Sunday, 16 March 2008

Grant coming in, Botany

Good news! Last week we heard that we had been awarded a combined grant from the Gino Watkins Memorial Fund and Arctic Club of £1,500 – the grant writing is starting to pay off!

The Gino Watkins Fund was set up in 1933 in the memory of Henry George “Gino” Watkins who drowned whilst kayaking off the coast of East Greenland in 1932. Gino Watkins was a highly respected and inspirational explorer and we are excited to have received an award from the fund.

An Arctic Club award is given to one of the Gino Watkins applications which best meets the award’s criterion of an adventurous expedition in Arctic regions by young persons. Nat was delighted to hear he is still considered young.

Also this week Nat recieved, out of the blue, an email from a botanist with in an interest in the Scorsby Sound area of Greenland. He's asked if we'd do some "modest collecting and recording" for him. Details are a bit vague at the moment, but we are all keen to get involved.

I'm trying to think of somthing else to write so that I can put off , for even longer, going running in the rain, but I can't. So I'm off.

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